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Glasgow men on the Western FrontAs every student of the Great War is aware, the escalating scale of the conflict on the Western Front required the formation of new battalions-a new citizen army formed to be equal to the size of the challenge. This is the unit history of one of them, The Seventeenth Highland Light Infantry (Glasgow Chamber of Commerce) Battalion. As its name suggests it was but one of many additional battalions raised in Scotland which would bear the name of an old regiment of the British Army in this case the 71st Foot, the HLI. Many of these battalions, particularly those raised in large urban centres, took on the character of their place and community of origin. This battalion's sister unit, the Sixteenth, for example was styled, 'The Glasgow Boy's Brigade' Battalion. The Glasgow men were dispatched to France and into the trenches with all its hardships, grinding routine and frequent raiding. The battalion served through the Battle of the Somme and went on the see action around Hulluch, Beaumont-Hamel and the Ypres Salient among others. This invaluable book also contains honours and award rolls making it invaluable for genealogists. Available in softcover and hard over with dust jacket.

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