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Extensive coverage on using Microsoft Outlook to manage and organize your day As the number one e-mail client and personal information manager, Microsoft Outlook offers a set of uncomplicated features that maximize the management of your e-mail, schedule, and general daily activities, with the least amount of hassle possible. Comprised of ten minibooks in one and packed with more than 800 pages, this All-in-One For Dummies reference walks you through the convenience of Microsoft Outlook and introduces you to the newest features of the 2010 version. After a description of how to get started with Outlook 2010, you’ll get complete coverage on e-mail basics, advanced e-mail features, working with the calendar, managing contacts, and working with Business Contact Manager. You’ll learn how to track tasks, take notes, and record items in the journal, as well as customize and manage Outlook and get mobile with Outlook. Offers soup-to-nuts coverage of Microsoft Outlook 2010, the newest version of the number one most popular e-mail manager Walks you through getting started with Outlook and e-mail basics, and gradually progresses to more advanced features and capabilities of e-mail Explains how to work with the Outlook 2010 calendar and manage your contacts Addresses tracking tasks, taking notes, recording items in the journal, and working with Business Contact Manager Shows you how to customize your Outlook, manage all the information within Outlook, and take Outlook on the road Get a whole new outlook on Outlook 2010 with this complete guide!

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